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Exor Live provides an API targeted at third-party developers (Developer) so that they can integrate with the Exor Live Platform (Platform).



The following use cases are currently supported:

  • Opening a controllable instance of Exor Live
  • Authenticating the user using OpenID for Single Sign-On
  • Creating new contacts in Exor Live
  • Selecting contacts in Exor Live

These are both available for web applications and for desktop applications and do not require the application to store the users credentials.

Web applications

Using the JavaScript API, Developers can easily enable their users to sign into Exor Live from their applications (Application), and subsequently to create and select contacts in Exor Live based on data from their Application.

This API is particularly suited for medical record software served as single page web applications.

Desktop applications

For desktop applications (Windows only) Exor Live provide a lightweight application that provides a flexible API for interacting with Exor Live.

This API is particularly suited for medical record software distributed as installable desktop applications. The Exor Live executable (WebWrapper) does not require any installation steps, and can be controlled using an extensible set of protocols.


Exor Live also provides certain API's for extracting data from the Platform, using credentials assigned to individual applications.

Contact the Exor Live organization in order to get detailed information about this.

How to get started

  • Identify your main goals
  • Identify your success factors
  • Check the requirements
  • Discuss the use case with the Exor Live organization
  • Register the application with the Exor Live organization


In order for Exor Live to maintain a list of applications integrating with the Platform, and to be able to let the user authorize access to the Platform, all applications needs to be registered with Exor Live.

Registered applications will receive an application key and an application secret used to identify the individual applications.

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